Digital Media @ Florida State University

The development and rise of new forms of electronic media during the 20th century like radio, cinema, and television have irrevocably had a more profound effect on art, design, and culture than any other media past or present. The digital media area explores the significant moments, theoretical foundations, and current trends within electronic media art and cultural practices. We will examine in particular the importance of the computer in the production and inspiration of electronic works and the world wide web as a vehicle for electronic media. interdisciplinary approach to new methods of art making that enable them to develop industry-sought technical skills, as well as intellectual flexibility and self-reliance. We strive to motivate students to hone their technical proficiency and conceptual understanding of electronic media so they will dissolve the limits of any one specialized industry, field or method. Our four main distinctions within digital media are time-based (video and animation), interactive, digital fabrication, and text+media.